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Floral lace trim blouse and premium fit Boot-Cut Jeans(1)
By. crossfire | 2018-04-09 06:17 | Hits : 1,518
I'm reviewing these items that are sold out atm (Jacket is still for sale, but that one is covered in a different review) but I had the photo's for the review for quite some time now (busy). These Style On Me made products still do deserve praise. Especially with the current premium jeans line from On Me and some very nice blouses ;)

The item(s) shown in this review:
- Premium Fit Scarf Set Boot-Cut Jeans Size 26
- Floral Print Lace Trim Ribbon Tie Blouse (Free size S ~ M)

Item(s) shown but covered in other review:
Three Button Slim Fit Tailored Jacket (Pink / S)

Personal Info:

Weight: 48 Kg
Lenght: 164 cm

Let's begin the review with the top, the blouse:
The blouse comes in free size S ~ M and it fit's perfectly for a free size. It's comfy and light.
Great to wear standalone or combined with a blazer.

The design of this blouse is very lovely. The pink, violet end yellow (etc.) flowers look stricking on the blouse. The lace adds the bit extra. The fabric is very nice. Especially close up.

This blouse is def. romantic and feminine. Depending on my mood I either choose to go for a sweet look with this blouse or a more cool look. In the review I went for a more "sweet" look with lot's of  pastel pink colors. The possibilities are just endless with this cute blouse. Style On Me has done it again I look forward what's more to come.

Next up is a product of  the Style On Me's premium jeans line. It's the fit boot-cut jeans with scarf keychain.
I'm so happy to get my hands on this. I have trouble to wear some good fit jeans. I want some good fit jeans that aren't skinny. The premium boot-cut jeans from Style On Me came in. It was a start of their new premium line it seems and I love it.

These jeans are so lovely. They fit perfectly and don't give this "very tight" look that a lot of skinny jeans have.
I have slight bow legs so a lot of skinny's look a bit wierd on me as they accentuate my bow legs.
The boot-cut jeans don't do that which is great. You get a nice fit at the top and it just flows down nicely.

The jeans come with a nice scarf keychain that you can hang on your jeans (or any other jeans for the matter). I'm not wearing it in the review but I want to say that It's a nice detail and inspired me to sometimes hang some other objects on my jeans to match my outfit. The scarf is a neat extra and you can hang different coloured scarfs as well if you feel like it.

To make it short. The jeans are awesome. It was the beginning of a great start for the premium jeans/pants line from Style On Me. The premium line currently is very lovely and look forward to see more.



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